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Back to Art Shows…

After a hiatus from taking on art shows, I definitely had to be a part of Fitted To Match Society’s first major art show event., “NYC LibARTy”

Check out the full photo album here.


I hadn’t had the opportunity to live paint in a while because of time constraints, but I definitely got into this one, completing this image just as the entire show wrapped. Photographer Omari Saxby took this shot right before I put the finishing touches on it. This piece definitely took a lot of patience as all the letters were hand drawn with music pumping and an audience watching! But it was totally worth it, and a great successful event.

Photo by Omari Saxby

Photo by Omari Saxby

Sing For Hope Pianos

Since I started my new job, I took a break from a lot of my side art projects to focus on work, then picked one MAJOR art project to focus on, my Sing For Hope Piano.

It has been an amazing experience from beginning to end. Read the New York Times article here. 




March 2013

Lenox Coffee

There are approximately 15 pieces of my artwork currently on display at Lenox Coffee in Harlem, until May 1st, 2013.

They are a collection spanning a year of artwork, from several shows, and events, some with themes, some not.

All of the pieces are on sale, please contact me for more information if you are interested in one of the pieces.


11x15 watercolor, matted/framed 16x20

11×15 watercolor, matted/framed 16×20



“Over the Green” 18×24 framed Acyrlic on Canvas -SOLD-

“Cosette” 18×24 Framed Acrylic on Canvas (Shown withour frame) -SOLD-

“Think Different” 11×14 Acrylic on Canvas -SOLD-

“Over-Analyzed” 18×24 Framed Acrylic on Canvas -SOLD!-

“The Breakup” 18×24 Framed Acrylic on Canvas Board – Click to see pricing info.

“Valentine’s Day” 18×24 Framed Acrylic on Canvas – Click for pricing info.

“UMtitled No.1″ 24×36 Acrylic on canvas -SOLD!-

“The Beginning” 15×17 frame Ink Illustration on Paper – Click image for pricing info.

“The End” 11×14 Frame Ink Illustration on Paper – Click for pricing info.